pray the gay away

if i were able to pray the gay away
i dont think i would
no, not think
i know i wouldnt

but i do wonder about the people in my life
wonder what they would do

if they could walk up to god and ask him for one thing
if they would ask him to take my gay away

or if theyd ask for my grandmother to never have skin cancer again
or if theyd ask for my aunt and uncle to never hear the words lime disease again
or if theyd ask for better health, no diabetes, no mental illnesses
or if theyd ask for a new home, not just physical, but metaphorical,
a new home where my parents loved each other
and the fighting would cease

would they ask to take away a piece of my life over adding a piece to their own?

id like to think they wouldnt
id like to hope they wouldnt
but im not sure
no, i dont know

but i think they would

Published by Robin

Poetry author from Pennsylvania

2 thoughts on “pray the gay away

  1. That’s a very potent reverie you wrote out for us to see Robin… and you’re right, so many, sad to say, might like to “pray your gay away” That is a very catchy line by the way:)…and says so much about intolerance and ignorance and old judgemental preconceived pretty much antiquated..yet still so active in our world. I really enjoyed how said it!

    1. Thank you for the read! It is quite a catchy phrase haha, one I hope becomes more of a joke rather than something seriously meant. It baffles me how some people can be so ignorant and against another persons way of life- a life not even affecting anyone else.

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