How many forevers are in a lifetime?

How many forevers are in a lifetime?
Because I’m convinced I wasted all of mine on you.

The first one fell down the drain with my tears
and hair and all the soap I used
to try and pretty myself up for you.
It mixed itself with toothpaste and “I’m sorry’s”
for never being good enough.
You said she was just a friend.

The second one was taken by the waitress at Hoss’s.
She gave me a clean clear (-conscience-) plate
and told me to fill myself up with sweets.
Maybe the sugar would numb the pain behind a chemical bliss.
You never told me about her.

The third forever slipped between our fingers.
But you can’t convince me we didn’t just drop it.
You left it at your feet months before I let it go.
You said I convinced you, then, to stay.
But I couldn’t now.

And damn I tried.
Every night
for a straight week.

But our forevers
became never(s) again

Published by Robin

Poetry author from Pennsylvania

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