Celebrating Ostara

Ostara- marks the vernal equinox, where the God is moving from infancy toward maturity. Day and night are in perfect balance with one another.  The earth grows warmer as the Goddess enters her maiden aspect. 


Colours- green, yellow, white

Crystals- jasper, moonstone, amethyst 

Herbs- dogwood, clover, thyme

Incense- jasmine, strawberry, rose

Spells- growth, love, rebirth 

Activities- spring cleaning, make an Ostara wreath, decorate eggs

In my shop, I have a listing for an Ostara wreath, but I want to share with you how you can make your own.

Getting Supplies:

First off, you’re going to need to hit up a craft store near you. While there, you can browse for the type of hoop you want. It can be an embroidery hoop, a metal ring, a faux twig one, or any other one that catches your eye.

Next, search out what you want to decorate your wreath with. I chose fake flowers and some crystal beads. Since Ostara has alot to do with birth and is relatively around Easter, eggs are plentiful and are often in really pretty colours and patterns.

While you’re at the craft store, make sure to pick up some hot glue or wire, something you can use to attach your décor to your wreath with.

Assembling Your Wreath:

Once back home with everything you bought, start planning how you want your wreath to look. For mine, I only covered half the hoop. For yours, maybe you’d like to cover the whole hoop, or maybe a side of the hoop.

Lay out your flowers in any pattern you’d like, and when ready to assemble, use hot glue or wire to attach them to the hoop. Add beaded embellishments to the top through the center, or have them dangle from the bottom. You can use glass beads for a very beautiful sun catcher affect, or as I did, a lava stone for a hanging diffuser.


Your wreath is complete. It is beautiful. And it should be put on display! Hang it in the window, on your door, maybe in your room. Show off your creation!

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