Escapril has begun and our first day prompt is ego. I wouldn’t say this piece is my best work, but I don’t necessarily hate it. I’ll probably go through at the very end and edit some of them. But for now:


you became my ego

the soft underbelly of a dying dandelion, 

seeds plucked out and blown, 

wished upon and then forgotten.

there was never a moment that the clouds didn’t move

take shape in cotton white

and tell me i was beautiful.

you made everything.

at least i said you did.

you built me a home of confidence in my body

and i built you into a god that the world would tear down

there’s a reason you told me not to praise you 

as the creator of all things peaceful

but i let it get to my head,

then killed you,

and became that god instead.

Published by Robin

Poetry author from Pennsylvania

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