Last Minute Beltane Plans

When Beltane arrives each spring, the May Queen arises from her winters sleep, and does battle with the Crone. She fights off the Queen of Winter, sending her away for another six months, so that the earth can be abundant once more.


colours: red, yellow, blue, white

crystals: citrine, amber, moonstone

herbs: mint, thyme, mugwort

incense/oils: lilac, rose, sage, vanilla

spells: protection, power, self-love

Last week, my family celebrated my moms birthday, and I’m personally still recovering from the chaotic kitchen mess and the seafood coma. So this sabbats celebration will be much lighter consisting of just a desert of strawberries. I absolutely love strawberry shortcake with extra sugar sprinkled on top and swimming in milk. My sister however, loves a good old fashioned desert of vanilla ice cream and sliced strawberries.

We’ll also be having a campfire the evening of. Might roast some marshmallows, might play some games of badminton, might even take a walk on the trail by my house. Just something low activity that my family can all enjoy.

One of the ‘crystals’ commonly associated with Beltane is amber and I do have a small chunk that I might wire wrap for myself and put on a spare chain. Other than that, my plans are pretty much done for.

How will you be celebrating?

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