the summer solstice

Litha, also known as the summer solstice, is the longest day of the year, and to celebrate, I usually make a fruit salad for my family and roast marshmallows over a fire in the evening. This years solstice fell on Fathers Day, and my family had a cookout with our relatives instead, so my plans had to be revised.

I have this gold chain that I hand-made, with an opalite moon pendant, that is starting to turn green. I’m assuming the reason is sweat and sunscreen on my neck and I’ve procrastinated cleaning it. Now seems like a wonderful time to not only clean the chain, but to charm my necklace with an intention.

How To:

Step One: As mentioned before, Litha is the longest day of the year, there’s a bountiful amount of the suns energy that I feel is strongest during this day. So instead of using moon water, I will be making sun water.

Step Two: While waiting for my sun water to charge, I’ll be letting my chain sit in a shell with a mix of sea salt and white sand. I use a mix of both items because having a whole shell of salt isn’t very practical for me, and this mix allows me to use less of both items in case they are needed for another ritual. This mix will draw the negative energies out of my chain and will sort of ‘reset’ it so that it can focus on my intention I will set later.

Step Three: If you have a cauldron, or a specific bowl, you use for filling with water to cleanse or enchant, grab that. I have a plastic mock cauldron bowl I use and I will be filling it with my charged sun water. Depending on your intentions, this is the point where I would add what else corresponds with it. In my case, I will be adding dried rose petals and a rose quarts crystal point. Once everything I want in my bowl is in, I will place my chain in the water to rest.

Step Four: Over your bowl, begin to share your intentions. Lots of witches will say they visualize their intent flowing through their body, down their arms, and out of their hands into the bowl to the object. If you’re familiar with sigils, you’ll know that when we write our sentence, we use phrases like “I am” rather than “I will.” The same will be done when we speak our intent. For me, I do this so that the intent will directly come to me, sooner, as it’s already been set into the universe that I am. It is also in this step that I will begin to clean the green off my chain.

My intention is: “I am content with being alone and I don’t need someone to love me to feel whole.” I am currently single, and over the past year, I’ve been working on being happy with myself, by myself. I put alot of love into my last relationship, and when it ended, I wanted nothing more than another rebound relationship to make me feel secure and good again. Gold is my favorite type of metal to wear, which is why I’ve chosen this chain to enchant. I made it myself and that leads me to believe it will be stronger in helping me with this particular intent.

Step Five: When you feel your item has been charged, however long that may be, you can wear it, attach it around the neck of a spell jar, or around the bottle you put your coffee in each morning. And whenever you feel it may need a refresh, go over the same steps you did before, or tweak them if you need something stronger or less impactful!

If you haven’t celebrated the solstice yet, what plans do you have when you do? Or if you already have, share your day in the comments. I’d love to hear from other witches!

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