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Over on my Instagram I asked for my followers to go ahead and ask me anything. These are their questions and my more in-depth answers.

  1. How many books do you have written and do you have a favorite one?

Before I took my books off the market, I had two full collections and two small chapbooks. Now I only have a single chapbook and a full collection coming out in October. (I also have a mini Tarot Poems zine.)

I can’t say I have a favorite because I think each has strong messages that the other does not. My chapbook, for example, is all about how well known male authors write about women’s struggles like they’ve experienced it first hand, when they haven’t. My full collection goes over many themes regarding my loss of friendships, love poems before a breakup, and my healing through SA. So I’d have to say both are my favorites due to their messages behind them.

2. How long did it take you to write your books?

About half a year, I think. The collection in October is full of writings I had already began to compile over the course of a year. The chapbook, which is much smaller, took about a month to write, design, edit, and publish.

3. Have you ever been out of the country you live in?

I have not, no. But I’d certainly love to. I’ve been fond of England since I was little and would love to travel there someday.

4. Favorite Harry Potter film?

Hm… A tie between the Order of The Phoenix and The Deathly Hallows parts one and two. I love how each character gets to show their growth and talent, and I also like the emotional aspects of it. Many of my favorite characters die off in both, and while it’s extremely heartbreaking to watch, it’s a reminder of how much I loved them. Sort of bittersweet I suppose.

5. Who is your favorite poet?

I don’t really have one. I like to read alot of different authors that I think have a great sense of writing. I like Poe, Plath, and some Instagram poets like Caitlin Conlon, and Sallie Liza. They each have a wonderful way with words that I always turn to if I need inspiration or just something to read that I know won’t disappoint.

6. What’s your kitty’s name?

I actually have eight cats! Two mothers, turning eleven, named Tiger and Oreo. My middle child, her name is Boots and she’s just turned two. My youngest girls, Moose and Acorn, and their brothers, Peanut, Dusty, and Soot, who will all be turning two in October.

7. When did you start writing?

I’ve been writing ever since I could. I would write short stories in my little journals, the first one I remember being about a little girl who could glow. She felt like an outcast and everyone made fun of her, so she ran off into the woods. It was in the woods where she saw lightning bugs being loved by fairies and they taught her to love herself. Wasn’t the best writing wise, but it’s a lovely memory nonetheless.

I didn’t start writing poetry seriously until I hit eight grade into freshman year. I published my first poetry chapbook “Meaningless” when I was just fifteen years old and since then I fell in love with the world of poetry and publishing and have planned to make it my career.

8. What’s your favorite book?

Back on Wattpad, when it was actually a pretty good site, there was this series called the Vicious Depths. The author, Madeline Stanford, had gone to publish the series and when I heard, I immediately rushed to purchase my copies. Everytime I read the series, I’m brought to tears. Forever one of my favorites.

9. What made you start selling on Etsy?

I feel like my brain just never sleeps. It’s constantly thinking of new things to create and because of that, and the plethora of hand-made things in my bedroom, I started to branch out through Etsy. Now I can still create things that I like, share it with everyone else, while also making a bit of money from my art.

10. Any exciting things happening in life that you’re excited for?

As mentioned, I have a book releasing in October. I’m super excited for it’s release. Covid in 2020 unfortunately put it on hold, as it was supposed to be released in May of last year. Alot of the works in it I don’t really feel a strong connection to anymore, but with that said, to have my book officially out to the world, will still be one of my greatest achievements. And I hope my readers can find something they like within the pages.

I am also planning another writing workshop. It’s different than the one I had done about two years ago. This one will focus more on different exercises to help get you motivated to write, or out of a writers block that you might be stuck in.

11. How do you stay engaged with your account despite depression?

I’ve been on meds for a bit and have stopped needing them to help with my depression. I don’t have the episodes I used to, and that’s really helped in regards to staying engaged, because I am in a better headspace. I can focus more of others work and leave comments, and share other pieces I loved reading. It also helps knowing that there are writers who are battling mental health as well, and my little comment telling them what I enjoyed in their piece, would probably help make their day a little better.

Last summer though, when I was going through a breakup, I had heavy depression and didn’t want to be doing anything. But writing started as a way for me to cope, and so I began to write about how I was feeling, and sharing it to my account. I had gotten alot of support and I’m very thankful for the people who were there for me. They really helped me feel less alone.

12. Any new books in the process?


I am writing a novel in verse, and I don’t want to say too much, but I do want to share that the main character will be queer. I didn’t have alot of queer rep growing up and I want to change that for younger readers. There’s no set date it will be finished, but I am aiming to have a majority of the book written by the end of this year.

Have any other questions you’d like to ask me? Drop them in the comments and I’ll answer them asap!

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