Blog Birthday- What I’ve Learned

It’s my websites birthday! Actually about two months late, but you know, better now than never!

When I first started this website, I had so many plans and ideas, so many things I couldn’t wait to do. My very first post was about my coming out, it was vulnerable, and shaped how I wanted to run my blog. I wanted this site to be not only a place for me to talk about and sell my art, but to also be a safe space for my readers and anyone who came across it.

I have to admit, all my starting out plans didn’t really come into fruition immediately. I sort of fell off after the first month (in May) and didn’t come back till weeks later (I think around December??) I got overwhelmed, wasn’t always motivated, ran out of ideas even though I was sure I had plenty of them. It wasn’t as easy as I first thought it would be. But I did learn a few good things.

It doesn’t have to be perfect.

This is something I still struggle with. I’m constantly peering over a piece, asking so many of my friends to give feedback, and even after they said it’s as close to perfect, I still catch myself going and changing things. It gets to the point where I have to tell myself that if I make one more change, it’ll lose it’s voice and won’t be as good anymore.

Nothing in life is perfect, so don’t beat yourself up trying to make something perfect.

Keep a schedule.

I didn’t start keeping a schedule till last month. I used to post whenever I had something to post. Now? I have a schedule of posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Creating and keeping a schedule helps you plan ahead, it keeps you on top of things. I also find it helpful to have a list of open drafts that I can pick up if I don’t have anything planned for the week.

Nothing “bloggy” to post? Share a poem.

This has been my biggest bit to live by. I don’t always have a blog post written and ready, and if I do, it might be scheduled for another time. And if that’s the case, what do I post? A poem.

Everyday over on my Instagram, I post a poem. But alot of my readers from my website aren’t following my Instagram, and likewise from my Instagram to my site. So I’ve begun sharing pieces exclusively to my website, and some only to my Instagram. It keeps people engaged and helps me immensely when I need something low energy to post.

Take breaks when needed.

This is the biggie right here. Take. A. Break. Not feeling inspired? Take a break. Not in the right head space? Take a break. Just need a break? Take one!

Self care is important and being our own boss, it can be incredibly difficult to give ourselves the time off we deserve and need. Our writing, energy, and overall performance is much better when we are well rested and ready to take on the world.

There are going to be many more things I will learn on my journey of being a content creator. Some of them will be difficult to stomach, and some will feel like no brainers. We are all constantly learning and growing, and I wish the rest of my bloggers out there the best on their journey!

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