what I would say if there were no consequences:


I’d say I hate you./ But not you, exactly./ I’d say I hate you for hiding / for going three years and keeping me a secret / for pretending like you were alone and had no one to call.//

I’d say I regret you./ But not you, exactly./ I’d say I regret you for not being honest / for stringing me in for three months to knot me up in a misunderstanding / for having me go 800 miles to have you be late for the first hour.//

I’d say fuck you./ But not you exactly./ Id’ say fuck you for the hurt you put me through / for that night you made me cry on the bathroom floor at one in the morning / for making me believe that we were forever.//

I’d say I’m sorry./ But not for me, exactly./ I’d say I’m sorry for putting all the blame on you / for the number of arguments that could’ve ended if I wasn’t so petty / for making you believe that we were forever.//

Published by Robin

Poetry author from Pennsylvania

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