Going on Vacation

Hello to my frequent readers (and to anyone new who has since dropped by!)


I wanted to give a heads up for what my posting schedule will look like this coming week (July 11th – 17th).

I will be going on vacation to the beach and have decided to take the entire week off from blogging. Over on my Instagram, I will still be posting daily if I remember to, but I won’t be able to actively engage with anyone.

Posts I have scheduled will continue to roll out, but there will be nothing new until I come back. And I am very excited for what’s to come after my break- check it out!

Upcoming Events:

  • Instagram micro poetry contest (July 18th – 20th)
  • Book Reviews (end of July)
  • Writing Workshop (August- 4 weeks)
  • Shop Update (end of August/early September)

It’s going to be a pretty busy few months with contests and workshops lined up, and a shop update on top of it all, so please bear with me if it gets a little messy!

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