Writing Workshop Introduction

Join the workshop! Starting August 2nd over on Instagram!

I’m so excited to be hosting my second writing workshop in just a few days!! Last year, the workshop focused on different poetic terms and tools we used in our writing. This year, the workshop will be focused more on exercises we can do to get ourselves out of a writers block.

Alot of writing workshops you see around can get pretty pricey, which is why I’ve made mine free and open for anyone who wishes to take part! You only need a pen and paper, and if you’d like to share your poems, tag me on your socials or drop your piece in the comments!

Instagram: @by.robinw

Twitter: @robinwpoetry

Tiktok: @robinwpoetry

I can’t wait to read what wonderful work you all have in store for me. There will be five different exercises in this workshop, one for each Monday in August, starting on the second, and will end on the last Monday, August 30th. Each weeks lesson plans will be shared here, right on the blog, for anyone who happens to miss out and wants to take a look at it later.

Hope you all are just as excited as I am!

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