Writing Workshop – Five

It is our final writing exercise!! Thank you to everyone who has participated the past four weeks, I hope you had as much fun as I did.

Our last exercise will be a chain poem. A chain poem is where one person writes a line or a stanza, and someone else builds off of it, and then another builds off the last person. It’s one big collaborative poem! And if you don’t want to build off someone else’s stanza, no worries, feel free to use the beginning line as a prompt for your piece instead.

Our starting line is:

We’re watching the sun leave stars rippling over the ocean waves…

I think of this line as a start of a story on a beautiful sandy beach somewhere, when the sun is setting and everything looks absolutely gorgeous. How it goes from here, however, is all up to you!

Thank you again for joining along on this month long workshop. If you happened to have missed any of the days, all of the workshops are archived here on the blog and saved as IGtvs on Instagram.

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