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I read alot of books and I tend to write a few reviews, but I’ve never gone over how my rating system differs from another’s. Alot of my reviews get four out of five stars, some get three, but very rarely do I ever give out five stars. Why?


My five star reviews are saved for the best of the best. Books that I happily return to to read again and again, or books that I’m constantly praising and recommending to others, are the ones that I will proudly give five stars to. My five star books live in my head rent free.


With that being said, to get a four, or even three, star review, is a really good thing! Books with a four star review from me, are ones that I did enjoy reading. There was alot that I loved about the book, and even though there were some dislikes, the likes outweighed. I would recommend these books, maybe not at the top of my list, but still worthwhile reads.


Three star reviews are where things start to get a little iffy. These books I felt were just okay, they didn’t give me a “wow” and while a few bits here and there were good, the majority was a big dislike for me. I probably wouldn’t recommend these books, but there’s always a slight chance I will, as they weren’t a horrible read.


Now, a two star rating from me is the end of the grace period. There was so much about the book that I really didn’t like, the overall feeling of it was eh, and if there was anything I liked, it just didn’t save the rest. I would not recommend these books at all.

The dreaded one star is a rating I think I’ve only ever given to one book. A book with this rating? Safe to say I absolutely hated it. I thought it was a waste of my time and a waste of paper. I could count what I disliked on my fingers and toes, but when it came to what I liked, the book is lucky enough if it gets one thing listed. I would not, ever, recommend these books.

But I don’t think anyone needs to worry about getting a one star, or a two. I tend to enjoy what I’m reading, and if I’m not completely, I still manage to find a few favorite things.

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