What is Mabon?

Mabon, also referred to as the Autumn Equinox, marks the second of the harvest festivals in the Wheel of the Year. Today, night and day are equal. It’s a day of balance between the light and the dark; harmony.

How am I casually celebrating?

Working during the day does limit some of my plans, but it also make for the perfect opportunity to celebrate casually. This year, I’m settling for low energy celebrations, starting with a nice warm cup of chai tea. I love chai tea so much, it feels as if I’m almost addicted to it.

I’ll also be lighting an apple blossom candle I got from NatureNerds as I string together an autumn garland of oak leaves to hang up in my office. The two, though simple, really brighten up my mood and make my office feel so cozy along side the tea.

How am I magickly celebrating?

As the evening draws nearer, I will be redecorating my altar, taking down my Lammas decor, and putting up things for Mabon. My favorite little knickknacks like a jar of acorns and a vial of apple seeds, as well as a few crystals (carnelian, tigers eye, quartz,) will all sit on a silver tray. Beside them? A poster of the sun a penpal gave me and a dried bundle of rosemary from my garden.

Once I have my space set up, I’ll being taking the rest of the evening to make a home protection spray, drink the rest of my tea, and watch the sun fall behind the houses in my neighborhood.

Happy Mabon everyone!

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