Twenty Questions (ITMH Edition) pt. 1

What am I most proud of with ITMH?

Honestly, just that it’s out. I’m a very “oh-I-hate-this-let-me-start-completely-over” person and the fact that I wrote this collection and stuck with it has me very proud of myself. Book wise, I’m proud of the pieces inside, the way I was able to get what I wanted all down. That, and the cover. The cover is gorgeous.

What are you least proud of?

The writing, and I mean that in the sense of style and growth. I feel like my writing then lacked much of what my writing has now, and I don’t think it’s a bad thing to notice. I think my technique and language has definitely made an improvement, and I love knowing that when reading my old pieces. ITMH was my biggest project, the best teacher for me, and I’m proud of all of it, even with my writing being different now.

Poem from ITMH rewrite?

Moon, pt 1 and 2, were pieces written based off the moon tarot card. I actually did a rewrite of that card for my major arcana poetry zine:

the light around here is dim,

it’s dark and cold and frightening.

but off into the distance,

between two points of yes and no,

the moon glows; illuminating a path,

a balanced one,

that my gut finds comfort with.

Share a piece that didn’t make it to the final draft?

I won’t be sharing the piece, but to sum it up: a poem that was taken out was a proposal poem. I was in a committed relationship and wanted to propose through my book, but not everything works out, and we broke up. So the piece was removed from the book.

What do I takeaway from ITMH? What do I want others to takeaway?

That it’s okay to feel whatever you’re feeling and even years after, you may still be feeling the same way. It’s all okay. It’s a moment we lived, we survived, and we can get through anything with that in mind.

Favorite poem?

“7:14 am, the mornings i’m tired of waiting for” is my favorite piece. It was a love poem to my now ex-partner, but it was my favorite love poem I’ve ever written.

Where do you want to see ITMH in five years?

I’d love to see ITMH on bookshelves, but I’d also like to see it lost in a box of my things someday. I want it to be in the back of my mind, and no longer at the front. I’ve dealt with those emotions on the book for what feels like too long now, and I’d like to let all that hurt and anger go.

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