Twenty Questions (ITMH Edition) pt. 2

Would I do anything differently?

I wouldn’t, no. I love the way ITMH turned out, I think it’s a beautiful collection.

What in ITMH is different now than it was then?

I touched on this in my first twenty questions blog, but my writing style has definitely changed since then. I’m more experimental now, and often just let things flow without thought. I don’t limit myself to a certain style, or find myself constantly pausing to make something fit.

Process behind the cover design?

Originally, the cover was all white, with a diamond shape in the center, two different shades of blue, and a gold sun and moon. My publishers came up with the idea of incorporating colours I was drawn to from one of my poems, and we decided on a very beautiful ombré of sunrise and sunset colour schemes.

Writing prompts based off ITMH?

You can check out the journal prompts I wrote up here.

How did I come up with the title?

I wanted something that summed up when I was most creative, and when I was most anxious about the things in life. Those times were usually at midnight, or in the middle of the afternoon, where I questioned what I was doing with my life and if it would all eventually pay off. So the title, In the Mid-Hours, came about.

What was the hardest thing to write about in ITMH?

My SA was probably the hardest to write about. I was pretty angry, for good reason, and I put alot of that anger into my poems. It wasn’t hard because it was just a tough thing for me to work through, but because I didn’t know what my family would think of the poems. I didn’t want to hurt them further. So it was sort of the judgement that was hard to think of facing.

What was the easiest to write about?

The hardest was also the easiest. I firmly believe that my best pieces are ones that I’ve written right in the middle of the emotional wreck I was feeling. Writing about my anger was easy, I had so much to say, and so many ways I wanted to say it. I didn’t have to think too much, everything just went down on the paper, and turned out pretty well.

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