Attempting Blogmas

Happy December first and happy start of blogmas!

Depending on your definition, blogmas may run differently than the way I will be running mine. Rather than focusing just on the holidays with holiday themed posts, I’ll be mixing it up to fit my niche, but I will continue to post every single day like a normal blogmas.

I feel like I need to note that because of posting everyday, there will be no set schedule. Where I used to post at 12 pm before, I might post later or earlier, just whenever I can.

So with all that in mind, what can you expect from my niched blogmas?

  • best books to gift
  • writing/journal prompts
  • craft tutorials
  • WIP talk
  • behind the scenes/decorating offices
  • and many more!!

I hope some of these excite you as I can’t wait to get started!

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