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Over the course of this past year, I haven’t really written anything outside of pieces that were being submitted to magazines for publication. Meaning, I haven’t started writing a new book, at least, not until my collection In the Mid-Hours came out.

Since that book release, I’ve started up three different projects. Yes, I went from dirt nothing, to planning three pretty different works.

My first WIP (work-in-progress) is a book I’ve been fighting with myself to write for a little over two years now. Why? The title was my senior quote, and in my quest to never look dumb in from of classmates I never see or think about anymore, I have to write it. It wasn’t so much the title that was the problem, it was more so the page number I also put into the quote. I didn’t know what to write, and I honestly still don’t, but right now, it’s currently going to hold all my publication pieces/pieces I’ve written since the pandemic started.

The second WIP I have is going to be a novel in verse. This book is more research than it is writing. I’ve never written a novel in verse, and I haven’t really read many either, so before I begin diving head first into it, I wanted to familiarize myself. I have plot sections planned out, and plans branching out from each plot section too, so I’d say the foundation is looking pretty well. The idea is to focus on a queer relationship through understanding identity, finding love, and navigating religious trauma.

And finally my third WIP: a themed poetry collection. This one is getting allll the love right now. I’m trying to crank out 68 more pages in 20 more days, so I can edit and finalize everything for a submissions period that opens up in January. It’s alot of stressing and very last minute, but so far I’m liking how everything is turning out. I didn’t after the first 30 pages, though, and actually went to scrap a good half of the plans I made to go in a different direction. But it’s alright! Sometimes those edits are just necessary.

I’ll be sure to try and make an update every now and then with how my progress is going. I occasionally share snippets over on my Instagram if anyone’s interested in that.

Are you working on anything big currently? Let me know in the comments!

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