i’ll be home for christmas

ICYMI, I posted three writing prompts for the month of December with a holiday theme, that you can check out here.

I used the first prompt: use a line from a classic Christmas song in a poem; to write this short little piece. The song I chose was “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”

i’ll be home for christmas
in a body
with unplucked brows
with stained teeth and unpainted nails
with hair grown long but still too short
with hand-me-down sweats and thrifted white sweaters

i’ll be home for christmas
in a body
i have learned
to appreciate

to love
to care for

With this piece, I wanted to shine light on my physical features, and not just by pointing them out, but by embracing them. I have bushy eyebrows, I don’t have all white teeth, and fashion isn’t always my forte. But despite knowing all this and at one point seeing it as negative, I now see it as positives. I can’t change the majority of them, so why fret about it, when I can love who I am and be comfortable with my body.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point of confidence, but I hope the poem has encouraged you to embrace your flaws and beauty. You deserve the love.

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