looking back on 2021

2021 is coming to an end and 2022 will be here before we know it. I had plenty of achievements this year, some I could have never even imagined I’d be taking on, but there were alot of things that weren’t as positive too.

A few of my top moments:

  • getting published in multiple literary magazines. I went from zero publications, to at least seven, with some still forthcoming. 2021 really was my year with getting work out there.
    • view all my publications here.
  • volunteering with not one, not two, but three literary communities. This is a big surprise for me because of how often I have to do public speaking for the magazines/servers. If you would’ve told younger me I’d be running events, she wouldn’t believe you, and would probably shudder with immense social anxiety.
  • publishing my book has to be *the* top moment of 2021 for me. This collection of poetry was a long time coming and it was such relief to finally have it published and up for sale.
    • buy my book In The Mid-Hours here.
  • writing book two! I’m slowly, but steadily and surely, writing up book two. It now has surpassed seventy-five pages on its quest for one hundred, though there may be more or less after edits. I’m so very proud and happy with how this collection is turning out~

Alas, we come to the not so great moments of 2021:

  • focusing on numbers. In my attempt to grow my account, so I am more appealing to publishers, I’ve been focusing heavily on numbers. Tracking my engagement, from how many views I get, to how many likes and shares and saves. It’s been very damaging to my mental health and to my writing, too. I’m so focused on numbers, that it’s been difficult to write pieces for me, rather than an audience.
  • finding myself not quite healed. In 2020, I endured an end to a three year relationship, and while I thought I was okay now, turns out I’m still feeling those emotions. Book two has been a blessing and a curse to write, as the pieces stem from these feelings, but the writing has helped me release the emotions that were lost inside of me, trying to find a way out. It’s been healing, in a way.
  • family. This year, my dad’s side of the family has been trying to reconnect with my immediate family. It’s been nice, a little confusing feeling at times, but I appreciate the attempt. Unfortunately, my grandmother had a stroke and is having difficulty with recovering. I’m still trying to process how I feel about it, it’s definitely taken its toll on my dad, but we’re still hoping for the best.

2021 has certainly been a year, but one I’m glad to have witnessed. I think I can safely say: I don’t regret a thing.

What have been some of your top moments in 2021? What about those lows? Feel free to share in the comments below!

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