let’s talk book reviews

Let’s talk book reviews:

Awhile ago, I saw an author practically shaming a review they got on their book. The reviewer gave one star and shared their reasoning in, what I would say, a very polite way. But the author disagreed and went off about how the reviewer should widen their tastes and put their negativity elsewhere, why leave a one star review when you could just leave nothing at all?

I have to say I was a) shocked to see an author make such a fuss over a review, and b) curious as to how I would react. Now, I don’t have a one star review, yet, but I do have a three star review. And while upon first noticing, it made my heart drop, after thinking about it and reading the review, I shrugged my shoulders and was okay. Some books just aren’t what people like, I’ve read books that I couldn’t finish or found just okay. There’s no harm in that, you can’t appease to everybody.

My overall feeling was appreciative and happy that someone had even bothered to pick up my book and read it. I was grateful they gave my work even so much as a chance to be good.

Bottom line is: don’t be like the author who slams bad reviews of their work. Embrace a positive attitude towards it (or even better, just don’t read your reviews if you know it’s going to hurt.) Easier said than done, but still worth a shot, no?

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