Most Anticipated Early Spring Releases

If you’re like me and have an ever growing TBR list because you can’t seem to turn away from what sounds like a really great book, then this list is for you! I’m going to feed your unhealthy book shopping habits with my most anticipated early spring releases, starting with a very intriguing chapbook.

Trick Mirror or Your Computer Screen by Rachael Crosbie

“Rachael Crosbie’s fourth chapbook Trick Mirror or Your Computer Screen releases on February 14, 2022. This deeply badass poetic manifesto of teenhood in a lawless virtual landscape makes use of all the internetisms you knew and loved to ms-paint a vivid picture of queer coming-of-age experience through the e-graveyard of MySpace that’s been resurfacing from the soil as hyperpop and trauma.”

You can get their book with Fifth Wheel Press here.

Receipts by Lilith Noah

‘“receipts” it is filled with laughter and tears, with first love notes and last goodbyes. it’s everything we feel put into words. this collection bears witness to the confusing years when kids turn into adults. during that time, we learn the most about ourselves: growing up means learning to listen to your gut, learning to live in a growing, changing body and in a growing, changing world. it might be overwhelming at times, but you will make it through. so, sit down comfortably, maybe with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and dive into all the receipts we collect when we grow up.”

Buy a copy of their book with Present Books here.

The Surrender Theory by Caitlin Conlon

“The Surrender Theory begins in the thick of heartbreak, gets lost in the vibrancy of new love, and eventually rediscovers itself in a place of peace and closure. It’s about learning to grow alongside grief. About taking the hand of your younger self and forgiving them. Through pages of truisms and poems, this debut collection from Caitlin Conlon explores the boundaries of our most poignant and human emotions. Deeply personal yet universal, The Surrender Theory speaks to anyone who has put their heart out into the world and hoped with everything in them that it would come home unscathed.”

Buy Caitlin’s book with Central Ave Publishing here.

On Sun Swallowing by Dakota Warren

“Compiling five years of poetry, prose and journal extracts, On Sun Swallowing is the debut release of Australian poet Dakota Warren. Winding through unflinchingly raw snapshots of her youth, Warren’s words are accompanied by original illustrations from Lydia Stone and curated photography from Francesca McConnell, Caroline Dare, Leche de Arte and Clara Slewa.”

Buy their book with Pure Nowhere here.

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