Trick Mirrors and Vampires

I know, I know, I still have a stack of unread books I’m working through and I shouldn’t be adding to it, but I just couldn’t help myself! These two books I happily treated myself too sound sooooo exciting, I want to read them immediately, and I’m sure you would too.

The first book I got was one I talked about in a past blog, Trick Mirror or Your Computer Screen by Rachael Crosbie. I cannot wait to read this poetry chap!

Trick Mirror or Your Computer Screen is a deeply badass poetic manifesto of teenhood in a lawless virtual landscape makes use of all the internetisms you knew and loved to ms-paint a vivid picture of queer coming-of-age experience through the e-graveyard of MySpace that’s been resurfacing from the soil as hyperpop and trauma.

The second book is fiction, titled The One & The Other by Charlie D’aniello. I’m really excited to read this novel, mostly because of the ace representation!

THE ONE & THE OTHER is a Queer, YA/NA dystopian vampire novel. In a curiously antiquated future world built from the vestiges of the past, psychic humans labeled as “vampire” scramble for justice and equality. Thomas Walker, a young vampir, becomes fascinated with the vampiric political pamphlet called Leecherary and its elusive author. As he plunges into a universe of illicit publications and nighttime lurking, Thomas finds himself drawn to his new companion, and thrown into the midst of an escalating fight for justice and dignity for the vampir community.

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