Escapril Prompts

April is here. which means it’s time to write a poem every single day for the entire month! If you’re like me who dreads National Poetry Month simply because of the stress of writing every single day, don’t worry. I have a handful of prompts to help inspire you, and a little piece of advice.

Some of these prompts are just… prompts, but some of these prompts hold clues to two of my yet to be announced books. I’ve been waiting and dying to announce these books, but can’t yet, so I’ve done a little bit of announcing what kind of poems are within them, which I think is kinda clever.

On to the little piece of advice for other writers who struggle to keep up with Escapril: don’t force yourself to write everyday.

The key to surviving Escapril, for me, is to remember nobody is forcing me to partake and to write something every single day. Sometimes I’ll write four pieces a day, and sometimes I won’t write anything. Both are completely okay. Remember to relax, take it easy, and only do as much as you are able, or want, to do.

Happy writing! Best of luck to you all~

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