Coffee Days, Whiskey Nights – book review

I read one, yes one, poetry book in April, National Poetry Month. (I actually started four other poetry collections, but didn’t get through them, so there aren’t being counted.) I’m trying not to shame myself too much for my lack of word intake, but I admit, it’s pretty hard as my TBR shelf looms over my desk. I read a book in April and that’s one up from nothing, so I’m choosing to be proud of myself!

What poetry book did I read, then? Coffee Days and Whiskey Nights by Parker Lee. It’s a shorter read with poetry about mental health struggles, alcohol abuse, and body dysphoria. Parkers writing style is almost the same as their spouses, Amanda Lovelace, with the short couple lines of poetry and almost feeling like unfinished thoughts. I didn’t really care for it? Though, I did highlight a couple lines, like:

my tongue has memorized the shape of each letter…” and

my body is the most uncomfortable thing I wear…” which I thought were very good. And there’s this little detail on the bottom corner of the pages, which alternate from black and white, that shows either a little moon on the dark pages, or a kind of sun on the lighter pages, that I thought was a nice little add on. It helped give the book a bit more flare, I guess.

In the end, I did give this collection three stars out of five. I am keen to read some of Parkers other work, perhaps Masquerade, that I might find some poems of theirs to enjoy.

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