my favorite book quotes (to get me out of a writing slump)

I’m in a writing slump. If I’ve written anything, it’s most likely for a book or another publication, which also means my social medias are lacking in new content. GIRL, my newest poetry chapbook with Querencia Press, releases in a couple weeks, and I’m almost certain I completely drained myself of new work by constantly pushing out work to meet the chapbooks deadline. It’s an unfortunate thing, but not too uncommon for me. I once wrote a collection of 120 pages within two months, and yet, I cannot get a single draft out on Instagram.

Fear not, this is where the “read alot if you’re a writer” tip comes into play. I have a list of lines and excerpts from some of my favorite poetry collections, that will hopefully help myself and anyone else who is also in a writing slump.

Cavity by Caitlin Conlon

sad poet deletes tinder after less than twenty four hours. her validation quotient has been met. her chest is still empty but really, that’s beside the point.

here I am, again, trying, like god did with their first failed creation, to forgive myself.”

I Would Leave Me If I Could by Ashley Frangipane

But poets, they hate everything.

I held the weapon retrieved from my own back. I gripped it once, twice, and then I put it down.

“To spit a virus in my throat… Echoes that bounce up between my teeth.

Honeybee by Trista Mateer

we practiced swallowing each other’s accents.

the morning you marry your true love, I will have a mouth full of regret.

Coffee Days, Whiskey Nights by Parker Lee

my tongue has memorized the shape of each letter.

I clearly have an interest with lines that mention mouths and I think it’s because of the imagery? I read those lines, imagine it in my head, and proceed to even make those shapes with my mouth, as if I too, have a mouth full of regret.

Anyways, hope you feel somewhat inspired by these lines. Good luck writing!!

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