• books i’ve read in 2021
    I didn’t read many books in 2021, could probably count how many books on one hand, but I’m hoping that will change, and 2022 will be full of more moments of reading and reviewing. Let’s talk about the few books I did read, though. Some of these books I’ve left reviews for (others I eitherContinue reading “books i’ve read in 2021”
  • let’s talk book reviews
    Let’s talk book reviews: Awhile ago, I saw an author practically shaming a review they got on their book. The reviewer gave one star and shared their reasoning in, what I would say, a very polite way. But the author disagreed and went off about how the reviewer should widen their tastes and put theirContinue reading “let’s talk book reviews”
  • Saying Hello to 2022
    2022 is here, and of course, it feels like nothing has really changed. I did stay up to watch the countdown, but I did not partake in writing any New Year Resolutions, because like many, I never seem to be able to accomplish them, especially since I tend to give up within a month. ThisContinue reading “Saying Hello to 2022”
  • End of Blogmas + Break
    I can’t remember if I set a “last day” for Blogmas or not, but I will be ending the (almost) daily posting today, so that I can focus on spending time with my family. I didn’t post as much as I had liked to, but it got a bit chaotic here and there, and IContinue reading “End of Blogmas + Break”
  • christmas caroling
    Did a couple rounds of caroling with my church to a few of our homebound, gave cookies and enjoyed some hot chocolate afterwards~ View this post on Instagram A post shared by Robin | Green Fern Coven (@by.robinw)

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