my favorite book quotes (to get me out of a writing slump)

I’m in a writing slump. If I’ve written anything, it’s most likely for a book or another publication, which also means my social medias are lacking in new content. GIRL, my newest poetry chapbook with Querencia Press, releases in a couple weeks, and I’m almost certain I completely drained myself of new work by constantlyContinue reading “my favorite book quotes (to get me out of a writing slump)”

wild honey book + coupon code

More book announcements? Yes! Between working on my chapbook (which you can pre-order here) and submitting my now finished full collection to agencies, I started a little side project behind the scenes. Say hello to wild honey: a pocket book of positivity! wild honey has 22 pages of short poems and affirmations written to brightenContinue reading “wild honey book + coupon code”

GIRL. chapbook announcement!

The secrets out!! My newest chapbook, GIRL., is coming this summer with Querencia Press! “GIRL., a queer poetry chapbook, shouts angry prayers at god, breaks toxic stereotypes, and comes to the realization that no matter what, you are queer enough, through a mix of experimental and modern poetry and prose.Content Warnings for this collection: homophobia,Continue reading “GIRL. chapbook announcement!”

Trick Mirrors and Vampires

I know, I know, I still have a stack of unread books I’m working through and I shouldn’t be adding to it, but I just couldn’t help myself! These two books I happily treated myself too sound sooooo exciting, I want to read them immediately, and I’m sure you would too. The first book IContinue reading “Trick Mirrors and Vampires”

A List of Things I Love… About Me

[A list of the things I love…] • the way your eyes shine • the way you truly smile • the little pull of your lips when trying to hide a laugh • your sometimes brave and witty comebacks • those eyebrows you tend to hate • your ability to grow  • your strength toContinue reading “A List of Things I Love… About Me”

Most Anticipated Early Spring Releases

If you’re like me and have an ever growing TBR list because you can’t seem to turn away from what sounds like a really great book, then this list is for you! I’m going to feed your unhealthy book shopping habits with my most anticipated early spring releases, starting with a very intriguing chapbook. TrickContinue reading “Most Anticipated Early Spring Releases”

Let’s Talk Traditional Publishing: My Experience

It is every authors dream to have an agent or a publisher look at their work and say “Yes, this is exactly what we want,” and to go on publishing their book, as it was my dream too. To have your book published by a company is great because they do all the work fromContinue reading “Let’s Talk Traditional Publishing: My Experience”