In the Mid-Hours Pre-Orders!

Cover Reveal + Pre-Orders Open! My poetry collection, In the Mid-Hours, is now available for pre-order!! ITMH means everything to me; it holds all the hurt and anger, all the love and acceptance, that I’ve felt during some of the worst, and best, years of my life. *If you’re not aware, 5% of my bookContinue reading “In the Mid-Hours Pre-Orders!”

My Top Three Distractions and How I Deal with Them

Everyone faces distractions and they always seem to be the worst when we’re trying to get work done. I’m going to go over my top three, that you may or may not relate to, and how I handle them. My first distraction: my cats. If you tell me your pet doesn’t distract you when you’reContinue reading “My Top Three Distractions and How I Deal with Them”