wild honey book + coupon code

More book announcements? Yes! Between working on my chapbook (which you can pre-order here) and submitting my now finished full collection to agencies, I started a little side project behind the scenes. Say hello to wild honey: a pocket book of positivity! wild honey has 22 pages of short poems and affirmations written to brightenContinue reading “wild honey book + coupon code”

A List of Things I Love… About Me

[A list of the things I love…] • the way your eyes shine • the way you truly smile • the little pull of your lips when trying to hide a laugh • your sometimes brave and witty comebacks • those eyebrows you tend to hate • your ability to grow  • your strength toContinue reading “A List of Things I Love… About Me”

Most Anticipated Early Spring Releases

If you’re like me and have an ever growing TBR list because you can’t seem to turn away from what sounds like a really great book, then this list is for you! I’m going to feed your unhealthy book shopping habits with my most anticipated early spring releases, starting with a very intriguing chapbook. TrickContinue reading “Most Anticipated Early Spring Releases”

the bitter end – book review

The Bitter End by Kaliane Faye was a short poetry collection about the feelings of bitterness with a relationship that never had the time to bloom. Correction: it had the time but not the courage. At least, that was my takeaway. This collection was not for me. The style wasn’t my favorite and I keptContinue reading “the bitter end – book review”

Utilizing Instagram’s Features to Grow Your Audience

Article first published on Reader’s Favorite. I have a poetry book out, released towards the end of October, so it’s been out for awhile now, and my main platform of marketing is Instagram. But how do you grow your account, increase your sales, and stay on top of trends, all while trying to make sureContinue reading “Utilizing Instagram’s Features to Grow Your Audience”

Honeybee – book review

Honeybee by Trista Mateer is a WLM poetry collection that briefly goes over the lovesick feelings in a relationship, before moving through the confessional poetry of life during and after a breakup.  I’ve read one of Trista’s works before, The Dogs I Have Kissed, and really enjoyed the language in it, so I was excitedContinue reading “Honeybee – book review”

Setting Up Writing Goals for 2022

The new year is upon us and you’ve probably already started writing down your goals of things you want to accomplish in 2022. But there’s a little nagging voice in the back of your mind, “how are you going to achieve these goals?” I’m going to give you some tips and advice. 1. Be realistic.Continue reading “Setting Up Writing Goals for 2022”

books i’ve read in 2021

I didn’t read many books in 2021, could probably count how many books on one hand, but I’m hoping that will change, and 2022 will be full of more moments of reading and reviewing. Let’s talk about the few books I did read, though. Some of these books I’ve left reviews for (others I eitherContinue reading “books i’ve read in 2021”