Poems to Read Based on Your Favorite Tarot Cards

I went around and asked my fellow witches what their favorite tarot cards were. A few mentioned were crowd favorites, like Strength and The Sun, whereas others said they really liked the Queen of Cups and the Chariot. I took a few of them, went to my bookshelf, and picked out poems I felt wentContinue reading “Poems to Read Based on Your Favorite Tarot Cards”

the gods died making this creation

First published in the Horizon Literary Magazine and recently read for my Tiktok. the gods died making this creation, i say. look at the way the sun bleeds  on the curves of this earth. you don’t think she lost something  when she gave birth to the universe?  every rising and setting hour  she tells theContinue reading “the gods died making this creation”

Em(body)ment of Wonder – book review

Em(body)ment of Wonder by Tanya Sangpun Thamkruphat retraces the difficulties life presents and shares with us a series of lessons. The back of the book reads “Life is full of forks in the road… But the heart is salient-a compass pointing not north, but onward,” and I feel it describes the pieces inside perfectly. AsContinue reading “Em(body)ment of Wonder – book review”

XIII (death)

it takes at least 80 years for my bones to crack and become brittle,in 50 years they can be made into a home for native flowers.vines will travel around my ribcage and a mouse will burrowin the leaves where my heart used to be.a gentle creature, timid,only rustling out when the weather feigns happy. andContinue reading “XIII (death)”

to the girl whose soul has been taken back to Mexico

To The Girl Whose Soul Has Been Taken Back To Mexico//To The Girl Who Was My Friend//To Myra// It’s been two years since you’ve been gone.That orange shirt used to be my favorite,I can’t even hold it between my fingerswithout thinking of you. My hands shake everytimeI try to stay steady for a winged eyeliner.TheContinue reading “to the girl whose soul has been taken back to Mexico”

Chameleon Skin – book review

Chameleon Skin by Breanne Weber is a collection of poetry talking about the darkness of depression and the monochrome perspective that comes with it, and how with healing comes the bright and vibrant colours of love. This is the first book I’ve read by Breanne Weber, and I kind of have some mixed feelings. I’llContinue reading “Chameleon Skin – book review”