Samhain Festivities

Samhain marks the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the colder seasons. Known as one of the fire festivals, Samhain falls between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice. It’s seen as a time for remembrance, as many believe the veil between the physical world and the spirit world is thin, allowingContinue reading “Samhain Festivities”


Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, falls on August first and into August second. It marks the halfway point between the summer solstice and the autumn equinox, where the days begin to get shorter. Many celebrate this day with baking of breads and cakes, playing games, and making corn dollies. Correspondences: Colours: gold, brown, green Crystals:Continue reading “Lughnasadh”

Last Minute Beltane Plans

When Beltane arrives each spring, the May Queen arises from her winters sleep, and does battle with the Crone. She fights off the Queen of Winter, sending her away for another six months, so that the earth can be abundant once more. Correspondences: colours: red, yellow, blue, white crystals: citrine, amber, moonstone herbs: mint, thyme,Continue reading “Last Minute Beltane Plans”

Celebrating Ostara

Ostara- marks the vernal equinox, where the God is moving from infancy toward maturity. Day and night are in perfect balance with one another.  The earth grows warmer as the Goddess enters her maiden aspect.  Correspondences: Colours- green, yellow, white Crystals- jasper, moonstone, amethyst  Herbs- dogwood, clover, thyme Incense- jasmine, strawberry, rose Spells- growth, love,Continue reading “Celebrating Ostara”